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Event: Paramedic Thursdays 2018-2020
Date: 11/01/2018
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

New England EMS Institute (NEEMSI)1050 Holt Ave Manchester, NH 03103 Paramedic Thursdays 2018-2020_11/01/2018

Additional Information:

Instructor: To Be Announced

Tuition (Elliot Hospital)                                                             $10,500

Registration Fee            (Elliot Hospital)                                  $50

Paramedic Entrance Test (Elliot Hospital)                              $50

Web2School (Elliot Hospital)                                                     $25


(Paramedic Book Package Jones & Bartlett)                           $562.76   ISBN:  9781284137279

Nancy Caroline Emergency Care in the Streets (Includes Navigate 2 online Premiere Digital Access,

8th Edition (includes printed textbooks and FISDAP)



Other EMS Texts (Vendor of your choice)                              $150 (approximately)

EMS Testing Fee (Vendor)                                                         $90

Uniforms (Reuben, polo shirt)    (Logo loc)                            $85 and up

Professional Liability Insurance (Elliot Hospital)                 $60

ALS Practical Testing (Elliot Hospital)                                    $225

ALS Written Testing Fee (to NREMT)                                     $125

**** You will also need a “Touch screen mobile tablet device such as iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface, etc.) capable of displaying modern web pages and viewing .PDF files”***

Tuition for the program is due at the beginning of the program. I hope that this information helps you better understand the costs associated with our paramedic program. If you have any questions about the NEEMSI tuition and expected expenses, please feel free to contact Rachel at (603) 663-4402.

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