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International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) Program The goal of the NH Chapter of ITLS is to make available a consistent trauma-training program in New Hampshire to help improve patient outcomes and reduce trauma related fatalities, by standardizing trauma care from scene to surgery. In 2006 the New Hampshire Chapter of ITLS was created after receiving Chapter status from the ITLS International Board of Directors after a lengthy accrediting process, which also included a final site visit from an International Board Member. International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) is a global organization dedicated to preventing death and disability from trauma through education and emergency trauma care. ITLS was founded in the early 1980's as Basic Trauma Life Support. From its early roots as a local and regional trauma education course for EMS professionals, BTLS grew to have over 70 chapters around the world. In 2005, BTLS became ITLS to better reflect the scope of the organization. Organization: A not-for-profit organization incorporated in Alabama and registered to do business in Illinois, ITLS is exempt from federal taxation under section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS code. ITLS training programs are aimed at prehospital (or out-of-hospital) providers. Since its founding in 1982, over 330,000 EMS professionals have learned proven techniques endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP.) International Trauma Standard: ITLS is accepted internationally as the standard training course for prehospital trauma care, and is now moving into the Emergency Departments of many hospitals with the common goal of providing a standard of care from scene to surgery. ITLS courses give the student the knowledge and hands-on skills to provide better care of trauma patients. ITLS stresses rapid assessment, appropriate intervention and identification of immediate life threats. The ITLS framework for rapid, appropriate and effective trauma care is a global standard. ITLS courses combine classroom learning and hands-on skills stations. They also challenge the student with scenario assessment stations where learning is put to work in simulated trauma situations. ITLS courses are designed, managed and delivered by course directors, coordinators and instructors experienced in EMS, prehospital care and the ITLS approach. Each ITLS course includes a comprehensive manual sent to the student in advance. The manual enhances learning experience with in-depth content, photos and illustrations. ITLS manuals are written by trauma care experts and edited by the ITLS Editorial Board. After the course, the student can refer to the manual as a valuable recap of what has been learned. ITLS Programs - ITLS provides its courses through its chapters and training centers. Each chapter is based on a geographic region, with the exception of the US military. Training centers are established for proprietary training organizations to educate their own personnel in ITLS. Training centers are only approved in geographic areas where there is not an existing ITLS chapter. There are several Advanced and Basic programs that NH ITLS offers to meet the needs of Fire Departments, ambulance services and hospitals. EMS agencies, hospitals, and other training centers that wish to conduct ITLS courses should contact the NH ITLS Chapter. Chapters will provide mechanisms for developing course sites within their region. ITLS International mandates essential policies and procedures for its courses; however, each chapter and training center has the flexibility to develop their own policies and procedures for their individual program. Tuition: $225 to include the price of books. Advanced:  Next Session: TBA                    For more information on courses, please contact Jon Snow at (603) 663-2603.
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